Saturday, March 30, 2013

blogging apprentice

Hey friends,

I have dabbled in the blogging arts a bit in the past, but this will be the first time that I am consistent (at least hopefully). I created this blog so that I am able to keep you updated leading up to and all throughout my journey this summer.

For those of you who may not know yet, I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend my summer as a missionary in Honduras! On May 31, I will be setting off for Gainesville, GA to meet and train with the team I will be spending my time with through June and July. A few short days after that, my team and I head to Honduras where we will be spending nearly eight weeks traveling and ministering. I'll definitely be able to divulge more details a little later when I know more myself.

In the meantime, I am working hard to raise funds and get the word out about my trip. Many have been very faithful and generous to my cause and I could not be more thankful! I have also been trying to keep myself accountable to contributing to the funds for my trip. I am almost done with a t-shirt fundraiser where I partnered with an awesome organization called Fund the Nations. FtN helped me design a custom t-shirt where nearly all of the funds go to support my trip. On top of that, I will be performing through an independent acting group, called Parable, at my home church to help spread the word and raise even more funds.

My hope is that you will pray for me starting now and throughout my time on the field and that this blog will be a reminder for you to do so. I also hope that I can be an inspiration and blessing to you through the words that I write and the experiences that I share. I can feel that God has some pretty awesome things in store for me and my team this summer and can't to include you in the journey!