Friday, May 17, 2013

pray for Zion's Gate

I've finally made it to the point in my trip where I am 100% funded and all that's left to do is finish up gathering supplies and packing to leave (in less than 14 days I might add)! Everyone who has supported me in prayer and funds and encouragement for this adventure is a blessing. It is because of you and of course, God, that this opportunity is a reality.

Once I fly from Indianapolis on May 31st, I will be spending a few days at Toccoa Falls College for training. During that time, I will meet my team and begin to build relationships. On June 4th, my team and I will fly together to Honduras to start our ministry at Zion's Gate. Zion's Gate is located just a short distance outside of Tegucigalpa, the capital city, in the mountains. During our time at Zion's Gate, we will be living in community and working with children and teenagers who have been saved from their former lives on the streets as drug addicts, gang members, and/or thieves.

We will be there to build relationships, while setting a Christ-like example. If you follow this link, you can meet the people of Zion's Gate (the bottom of the page has a link to meet the girls as well).

Please pray for them and pray that we will fulfill what God has intended for us to do while in community with them! I know that He will use my team to do great things this summer and I can't wait to see how it is He uses each of us.