Friday, June 28, 2013

ministry in La Kennedy

Life is good. Ministry in the La Kennedy community is growing more than I could ever have imagined. The people are opening up more to us. A basis of trust is forming. Some of my teammates have had incredible opportunities to share the Gospel.

A couple of the young people from the community are seeming to show genuine desire to change their lives and make something better for themselves. Tony has given the opportunity for some to visit our property and see what life outside of their norm is like and how they can find happiness and fulfillment through something other than drugs and sex.

Elida, the little girl from La Kennedy, that I asked you to pray for last week is still my priority in this community and will be till my last day. The relationship between us is such a blessing to me. Slowly, but surely, I am softening her up to talkig about Jesus and opening upvthe Bible. Everytime I come away from spending time with her, I am filled with joy and desire to pour into her more and more.

This week, I gave her a pad of Disney fairy stickers as a "regalito" or "small gift". She has started to draw me pictures and write letters to me. The last letter that she wrote melted my heart. Adorned with fairy stickers, it simply said  

"To: Maria
From: Elida
I love you so much.
You are the best friend that I know."  

Those few words from her really put into perspective the kind of impact we are having on these people. In the little time that we have, we are seeing such great change. They are, maybe for the first time, seeing what Christ-like love is like and how beautiful it is.

God is doing such a great work here and we`re only halfway done. I`m looking forward to what our ministry will look like at the end of our time here.  

And as I mentioned last week, I would love for you to continue praying for Elida and that God would use me as His instrument in her life. Below, is the beautiful face to go with my prayer request. :)

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