Friday, June 21, 2013

these times are unforgettable

I am so thankful.

I am so thankful for all the moments here and the people that I am sharing them with. God has blessed me incredibly.

I keep finding myself in awe of the community that has been created between me and my team. I feel like I`ve known them for so much longer than just three weeks.

This past week I celebrated my 21st birthday here. It was simple, but I felt so loved. I feel like they know me so well already and truly wanted to make it a special day in every way possible. They did everything from surprising me with a cake, overloading me with white chocolate, and having a dance party with some of the girls by the light of our headlamps.

Not only has my team been a blessing, but the La Kennedy community as well. One of the ladies, named Carla, from the community found out it was my birthday when we were visiting on Monday. She immediately ran into her small shack and ran back with a ring for me. I was completely taken by surprise and felt blessed and in awe of her selfless generosity. I have grown to love enjoy every moment I have to spend with each of them.

However, over the past few weeks, I`ve been trying to build a relationship with one of the young girls named Elida. She`s 10 years old. I`ve been teaching her some simple English, while at the same time, I`ve been learning Spanish from her. Each time we`re together I feel so happy and content. And each time we`re together, Elida asks me "Will you be here tomorrow?"

She is one of my main focuses in La Kennedy this summer and I just ask that you would pray for this little girl. She is still  very young and moldable. I want to be able to show her Christ in a way that could change her life. She`still innocent and drugfree and it breaks my heart to think that drugs and pregnancy are in here near future if God does not do something miraculous in her and I just pray that I can be one of God`s instruments in changing this one person`s life. Please pray for her and  the impact I will have on this summer. I am hoping to have a photo of Elida to go along with my prayer request soon.

Again, I am so thankful for each moment I have here, the big and the small. I treasure them all and will remember them always.

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